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Husky Handshake

The Team

Who We Are


Kyra Green

General Manager

Kyra grew up in Hallsville, MO raising boxer puppies with her Mom. She lived around all kinds of animals growing up in the country! She always had a passion for animals and knew from an early age her life would be full of them!


Kyra owns two longhaired dachshunds, Cooper and Hazel, and two fancy rats, Moo and Mae. She has worked in the animal industry for 6 years now, at a variety of different kennels and vet clinics. She has also kept exotic animals and volunteered at rescues and for wildlife centers. She spent a year in school for Dog Training and Behavior.


In her free time, you can find her taking her pups out, hiking, making art, listening to music or going to shows, and camping. Her favorite part of the job is making a difference to each individual pup, and especially helping the shy ones come out of their shell!


Crystal Trammell

Assistant Manager

Hey there, I'm Crystalynn Trammell. Currently I have 3 German Shepherds. My oldest is 4 years old! His name is Rugar and he loves to work. The second oldest is 3, her name is Sheeva and she loves to play fetch. They had a beautiful baby who is now 2. His name is Bruce who loves to bask in the water trough. Lastly, I have Banana who was rescued from APA. He is 4 and he loves his treats!


I have 10 years of kennel experience, ranging from veterinarian clinics, farm hand, and kenneling. I've always had a huge interest in animal care, as generations in my family have, I guess you can say I was born into it.


Even though kennel life is my main passion, in my spare time, I make paracord leashes, craft many oddities, and have little Frankenstein projects. But of course, I'm always drawn back to play with the wonderful pups that come through Skyblue.


My favorite part of everyday is getting to see every client and pup come in and how happy they are to be there. I just love all the tail wags these amazing guys give me! In short this is my home, and it couldn't be possible without the clients I've come to know as family. 


Cheyanne Brisco

Assistant Manager

Cheyanne grew up in Huntsville, TX and always had a passion for animals. After graduating high school she went on to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at Texas State University in hopes of becoming a lawyer. During this time Cheyanne has dedicated her time to animals and the pet industry. Cheyanne has been in the pet care industry for four years now.


She has one dog, Zeus, and one cat, Sayua. In her spare time she likes to take long hikes with her dog and she also likes to paint. 


Aside from hanging out with dogs, Cheyanne's favorite part of the job is making clients feel more comfortable when going on trips and meeting all of the different personalities and traits each pup has to offer.


Lyle Blount

Lead Kennel Tech

Lyle has been with Skyblue for a little over a year. He grew up with pets and they've always been treated as family. His current companion, Roxy, is a certified service dog and his constant companion.


He has studied business, psychology, and self-defense, but took a special interest in studying how to interact with animals and learning their unique personalities. 

Lyle adores taking care of the animals that come in to SkyBlue, and finds it extremely fulfilling getting to know each dog, and seeing them happy to see him when they come in!


Phoebe Schultz-Smith

Lead Kennel Tech

Hi! My name is Phoebe. Thanks for trusting me with your fur babies! Mine can be a rowdy bunch and keep me on my toes, so I have quite a bit of experience with all sizes and temperaments!

I got my first kid Milo, a Pitbull mix, out of a box on a busy, dirty downtown corner. He’s now a big old man and loves to sleep and (tries) to tree squirrels. Sonny, a terrier mix, came to me at a bar, and the rest has been history. We love a good thirty-pound drama queen. Buffy, a tuxedo cat, is what I like to describe as my “mini jaguar,” and when she does choose to hang out, she’s full of love.

What first cemented my love for dogs was working at a farm for 4 years before coming to SkyBlue! My kids were amazing in field trials, and nothing defeats that lightbulb moment of watching your student “get it.” Training, whelping, breeding, bathing, we did it all. This got me extremely familiar with getting it done, being outside no matter what, and being able to always think of tomorrow.

I’m a desert girl. Tucson, Arizona taught me quite a bit (even some trade school!) and now I’m here with my little family in Austin. I love to be on wheels, going outside with friends, and lounging about with family.
Thank you for welcoming me into your pet’s life.

(shout out to Sherpa’s parents! she’s perfect!)

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